Our effort to effect lasting change in communities is managed under a unified team of leaders from both Capital Impact Partners and CDC Small Business Finance. Together they bring decades of experience supporting community and economic development across the country. Their experience spans capital deployment, small business, education, health care, and affordable housing.

Management Team

Capital Impact Partners’ current President and Chief Executive Officer Ellis Carr now serves as the CEO of both Capital Impact Partners and CDC Small Business Finance, overseeing this new enterprise.

Kurt Chilcott will transition from President and CEO of CDC Small Business Finance and continue his support of this vision by serving as Board Chair of both Capital Impact Partners and CDC Small Business Finance. 

Board of Directors

Kurt Chilcott

President, CDC Small Business Finance

Rick Benito

Senior Vice President, National SBA Lending, Bank of America

Alaina C. Beverly

Assistant Vice President, Urban Affairs, Office of Federal Relations at the University of Chicago

Erik Caldwell

Director of Data Strategy, The Atlas for Cities

Sheryl Cameron

Executive Director, SBA Solutions Group, Chase

Pedro I. Goitia

Partner (Retired), KPMG

Gail Markulin

Director (Retired), Capital Markets, Federal Home Loan Bank – Office of Finance

Ray Moncreif

Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, Outdoor Venture Corporation

Tyler Orion

Co-Founder and Officer, Precision Healthcare Ecosystem

Frank Robinson

Diverse Markets Executive and Community-Based Programs Manager, MUFG Union Bank

Tom Topuzes

President & CEO, Thomas Topuzes & Associates, LLC

Dan Varner

Chief Executive Officer, Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit